Our Terms of Service
Lil Flea

We at FleaVenders.com reserve the right to delete any listing that we deem inappropriate without any recourse for refund. If you want to be an idiot and post some spam or some other kind of illegal bullshit that is your choice and we will report your isp to the appropriate authorities when so requested. We have a no bullshit terms of service and we expect our users to be upfront and honest for a fair transaction. If you can’t do that then you will be deleted and blocked foreverrrr. It is our decision because we host and provide the service. We have no liability between user interactions. Just be honest.

No inappropriate images or listings allowed.

We are not responsible for what people post.

We take no responsibility for user to user interactions.

By using this site you automatically take responsibility for your own actions and agree to our terms of service.

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